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"The Lord of the Forest"

One of my favourite things I've ever created! This anatomically accurate mini whitetailed deer skull was crafted by a 3D printing artist in Mexico City. I haven't found any skulls I like better than his!

I've electroformed the skull in pure copper and added a glowing rainbow moonstone to his forehead as a nod to the full moon that deer undoubtedly frolic under each month. He sits upon a piece of wood from an ancient oak tree in my yard, as well as real preserved moss. There is a raw piece of labradorite as well as petrified wood in front of him, and some real turkey tail mushrooms and tiny pinecones I collected from the forests near my home in the Indiana Dunes.

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece you'll never see anything like again!


The bottom of the wood has a piece of felt attached to keep your surfaces clean.

All the items are glued down and are not removable.

The entire piece measures approx. 9"W x 6"H

Lord of the Forest

SKU: 881129B
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