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Handfasting Ceremonies

Jayde is an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church, and is legally able to perform handfasting ceremonies. 

She believes that people should have the kind of wedding ceremony they've dreamed of, not just what they can find that kinda works. She specializes in officiating non-traditional handfasting ceremonies, and is happy to offer her services to all, especially Pagan ceremonies and ceremonies for LGBTQ+ couples.


What is Handfasting?

The handfasting ceremony has its roots in ancient Celtic tradition and dates as far back as 7000 B.C. In ancient Ireland, when two people chose to be married, they were brought together to have a braided cord or ribbon tied around their hands in the presence of a priest. Today, the tradition is incorporated into the wedding ceremony or is the main event itself. In addition to the binding of hands, vows are also typically exchanged. It is the origin of the expression, "tie the knot."


If you are interested in a consultation with Jayde about your ceremony, please reach out using the form below, and Jayde will be in touch shortly! 

Your Handfasting Journey Begins Here

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