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I just love giraffes! I found this guy down in Mexico City who makes really realistic 3D printed animal skulls, and his work helped me realize one of my childhood fantasies...


I always wanted "pocket pets," meaning I thought it would be sooooo cool to have a mini panda as a friend or a tiny orca I could keep in a fishtank. Working with these to-scale miniature skulls kinda fits that bill. 


The skull has been electroformed in pure recycled copper, and was given a hand-aged patina. I've set him upon a base of green moonstone, which has also been electroformed around the edges. It's pretty good-sized, about 3.5"L  


Giraffe would make a great desk buddy or altar piece! I hope you enjoy him as much as I do! 

Giraffe Skull on Green Moonstone

SKU: L078406
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