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I created these dragonfly art pieces to help connect you with the amazing energy of these transformational beings. 


They begin with a raw piece of labradorite that I have electroformed along the edge. My labradorite comes from a single family in Jaipur, India, where the lapidary owner sends me photos of the stones he cuts. He has a close relationship with the mine so this labradorite hasn't spent a lot of time out of the ground before it gets to you!


The dragonflies are metal with stones attached to the wings. One is labradorite and the other is blue kyanite. Each piece measures approximately 3"W x 2"H


These are perfect for sitting on your altar or other sacred space as a reminder that you are resilient and capable of change. <3


Their grace and beauty is a reminder of the brevity of every moment. Their adult lifespans are short. Dragonfly tells us we need to take advantage of every second and not delay pursuing your dreams.

Also, since they go through several stages, Dragonfly reminds you that change is the only constant in life. When Dragonflies surround you, change is on the horizon. You may have a major milestone coming in your personal life. Some aspect of your relationships may be on the brink of changing as well.



Dragonflies on Labradorite

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