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These polished Charoite crystals have a high sheen and rounded blocky shapes. Each of these unique specimens range in color from a more lilac purple to deep vivid purple tones. Inclusions of black and a greenish-grey are swirled through these high grade Charoite crystals.


Each Charoite crystal measures approximately 1.5 inches in length.


This listing is for ONE (1) intuitively chosen crystal. Each piece has been handpicked and examined for quality. The photography used is a representation of our collection, the unique specimen you receive will be similar to the stones pictured and will have its own individual traits.


Charoite is a powerful stone of intuition and psychic energy. It helps promote relaxation and aids in helping one move forward on their true path.


Disclaimer ~

Metaphysical information we provide isn't intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment. We hope for crystals to be tools the world can use to gain insight to our inner and outer selves, dropping hints of magical breadcrumbs along the way. Please continue to seek out all forms of healing and check in with your physician for diagnosis, treatment, mitigation and prevention of disease.

Charoite XL Tumbles

SKU: 5082362
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