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Welcome and merry meet!

Pieces of Jayde is a unique shoppe, located just three miles from the Indiana Dunes in beautiful Chesterton, Indiana. You can find handmade art and jewelry by owner and Duneland artist Jayde McAloon, along with enchanting array of crystals, Tarot cards, books, loose teas, art prints and so much more. Our offerings are made either locally or by small-batch companies with an emphasis on quality. We know where every one of our items comes from, and are very choosy about what we carry!

The owner and staff are quite knowledgeable about crystals and their properties. We are happy to help guide you on your wellness journey with recommendations and custom jewelry crafting. 

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Home of Leo,
the Sphynx Cat

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The day-to-day running of the shoppe takes most of our time, but we are slowly adding items to the website. If you see something in the shoppe or on social media and it's not listed online, reach out to us--it's possible that the item just isn't listed yet! We are happy to ship almost all items!

Meanwhile, peruse the offerings we have managed to list by clicking the image at left


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