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The Shoppe


Pieces of Jayde is both a jewelry store and an eclectic shoppe, filled with unique items you won’t find anywhere else! Founder Jayde McAloon has been a jewelry artist for over a decade, and her work incorporates natural elements found in and around the Dunes. The shoppe features Jayde’s jewelry pieces, including real honeycomb and butterfly wing necklaces, as well as pieces crafted from crystals, wishbones, handmade focals and more. You’ll also find loose teas, handmade soaps, one of a kind glass works, handmade fiber art and crystals galore!


In addition to items for purchase, Pieces of Jayde offers workshops and classes on a variety of topics, from making a wire wrapped crystal pendant to how to use a pendulum for divination, how to discover and work with your spirit animal, an even making a fun witch hat for Halloween. There’s always something different happening.


1501 Broadway, Chesterton

(corner of 15th & Broadway)

The Jewelry

Welcome to Pieces of Jayde! I am primarily an electrosmith, using the elements of air, water, electricity (fire) and earth (copper) to create my unique jewelry pieces. I also incorporate wire wrapping into my designs. 


Each piece is lovingly handcrafted by me. Any animal parts used are ethically sourced and cruelty-free, either found on hikes or gifted to me from others doing the same. My goal is to craft BOHO inspired jewelry that connects the wearer to Nature in a unique way!

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I'm Jayde, founder and creator of Pieces of Jayde. I began making wearable art in 2010 with the inspiration to connect people with nature using jewelry as my medium. 

My husband Mike is my steadfast partner for the business and the maker of ring shanks, bracelet cuffs and all my show booth displays. I could not do what I do without his support and encouragement!

Our home is located in Chesterton, in the Indiana Dunes, one of the loveliest places on earth! We are surrounded by nature in all her glorious aspects, from the mighty Lake Michigan just to our north of the old-growth forest in which our house is situated. I just have to walk outside to be inspired every day. 

Each piece of jewelry is carefully handcrafted with the hope that by wearing it, you will feel the positive intentions infused into every piece


My work is crafted from minerals, metals and a wee bit of magick!