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This is Leticia. She is here to remind you that you must never let anyone dull your sparkle! She's handcrafted from a vintage porcelain doll head set atop a big amethyst druzy with a sparkling, faceted clear topaz center gem. It's all electroformed together with a hand-aged patina. The rosary-style chain is labradorite.


This one really challenged my skills as an electroformer, like keeping her color right. The electroforming process is quite tough on things that are white, as the acid bath used to plate is a vivid blue that stains things very quickly. To keep her pristine skin, well, pristine, was tough. But she came out just fine!


She is approx. 3"L x 3"W

"Leticia" Porcelain Doll and Crystal Necklace

SKU: 4112105
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