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I created these little brooms to honour the magickal plant that has helped me so tremendously along my chronic pain journey. I have seen cannabis, in all its forms, help many, many people with issues like anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and so much more. Not everyone who chooses to use cannabis is looking to get high for fun; it can be life or death to find treatments that have so few wicked side effects.

Anyway, these brooms are crafted of real cannabis plant material, including twigs and stalks. Each has a crystal adornment, including sunstone (round), peach moonstone (diamond) and citrine (briolette).

Place them on your altar, near your plants, bedside, or even wear one as a necklace...the choice is yours! The branch brooms are approximately 7"H and the leaf broom is 5.5"H.

Made by a process called electroforming. This means the actual material is still inside. It was prepped for stability, then painted with our specially handmade graphite solution to make them conductive. Then each broom went into a liquid acid bath that includes copper sulphate, and is suspended from a copper bus bar that's connected to an electrical recifier to allow low voltage electricity to flow through the conductive paint and the liquid bath. Everywhere I painted grew a plating of copper. Next, the brooms were placed into a liver of sulphur bath to give them a dark patina, then hand polished with steel wool to bring the bright copper back through. Finally, they were washed and clear coated with a substance that slows the oxidation process.

Each broom takes approximately 30 hours to make.

NOTE: The use of cannabis is illegal under Federal law. State laws vary with allowing the purchase and use of cannabis and cannabis products. These brooms were crafted in Michigan, where state laws allow the purchase and use of cannabis. These brooms are made of non-consumable materials that will not get you high or effect you in any way. (And yes, I do have to say all of this. Such are the times we live in.)

Canna Altar Brooms

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