About My Art

I create personal adornment with a focus on Nature and her incredible beauty. Each piece is unique, and is crafted with the best quality crystals that I hand pick myself. Most of the natural objects I incorporate into my work come from the endless beauty of the area near my home, the Indiana Dunes.


When you wear a Piece of Jayde, you truly are wearing something from the heart, handcrafted from my soul to yours. Blessed be!


Custom work is always welcomed! 

Art Fairs

The best way to see my work is to come and see my work! We travel throughout Indiana, Illinois and Michigan for art fairs in the summer months. Stop by and say hello!


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All jewelry & images by Jayde McAloon

© 2018 by ​Pieces of Jayde. All rights reserved.

About the Artist


My Pieces of Jayde journey began in 2010, when

I found an amazing stone while walking on the 

beach near my home in the Indiana Dunes.

It was so pretty, I wanted to be able to wear it as

a necklace and not stick her in a pocket. So I 

researched what it would take to have it made 

into jewelry, and was discouraged at the prices

I was quoted by various jewelers around me. 

I decided to try my hand at making something

for myself. After all, I am the daughter of a fine

artist, and watched her create beautiful things

my whole life. How hard could it be? Turns out,

it WAS hard, and I had so many fails before I 

came up with something even remotely wearable.

However, I was bitten by the Creation Bug, as it were, and I began watching videos, taking classes, reading books and making, making, making. Soon, people began to ask me to make things for them. They liked me, they really liked me! Thus, Pieces of Jayde was born. Craft fairs and eventually--when my work got better--art fairs followed. I now am at the point where I am able to teach classes on wire wrapping, where I show you what NOT to do as well as what has worked for me! 

I work from my home studio and create everything you see by my own two hands. When you purchase a piece of mine, you really are supporting an artist and her family. I left my full-time teaching job this year to pursue my art and find a better, more soul-enriching path. I hope that my joy and intention shows in my work--I truly appreciate the stones and what they can do for us, and I strive to create pieces that help connect you to the Earth. 

Pieces of Jayde Points of Difference*

Attention to detail    Every piece I create is made by me, with my own two hands. Each piece is unique, and lovingly crafted in my home studio with the finest materials I can acquire. No mass production, no assistance from others. 


Source of materials    An artisan's source of materials are held in as much regard and privacy as their methods of creation. I have spent years sourcing my stones. The origin, quality, method of acquisition, handling, and whether they were ethically obtained are all of the utmost importance to me. If I don't like the seller, I don't buy the stone. 


Time    It takes time to create. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to make a piece, depending upon the complexity and what kinds of intention and energy may need to be infused into the piece. I often get commissioned to create pieces for specific emotional and physical purpose, and I make certain the pieces get everything they need so I know the wearer will feel it.

Intention    Art is life. What I mean by that is is that an artist literally puts their own energy and intent into what comes from their hands and heart. Therefore, I make sure my workbench is filled with positivity and joy. I do this by regularly cleansing my workspace with sage and salt (natural Shamanic practice), placing materials and tools in both sunlight and moonlight, surrounding myself with the creative work of others I admire, and allowing my Feline Inspection Team to periodically peruse my work (trust me, kitty juju is good stuff). Additionally, I only work when my emotions are positive and my mind is clear. I believe this is a big reason why my Pieces of Jayde have such a profoundly positive effect on those who acquire them.


*Special thank you to Jennifer Devlin of Celtic Complexion for the inspiration to include this information about my work and my process.