About My Art

I create personal adornment with a focus on Nature and her incredible beauty. Each piece is unique, and is crafted with the best quality crystals that I hand pick myself. Most of the natural objects I incorporate into my work come from the endless beauty of the area near my home, the Indiana Dunes.


When you wear a Piece of Jayde, you truly are wearing something from the heart, handcrafted from my soul to yours. Blessed be!


Custom work is always welcomed! 

Art Fairs

The best way to see my work is to come and see my work! We travel throughout Indiana, Illinois and Michigan for art fairs in the summer months. Stop by and say hello!


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All jewelry & images by Jayde McAloon

© 2018 by ​Pieces of Jayde. All rights reserved.

"Given Wings" Feather Jewelry

The natural feathers with which I create are cruelty-free. They have been naturally molted by pet parrots belonging to friends of mine. No birds were harmed in the making of this jewelry!


These pieces were created with a process called electroforming. Electroforming is when you form a metal deposit of 
copper onto an item--like a stone, honeycomb or feather--using chemistry, conductivity and electricity. Basically, a thick “skin” of metal is built up, leaving the original item intact. Each piece is unique–no two ever come out the same!