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Beltane Guidebook

Beltane is a pagan Celtic fire festival dating back to ancient times. It occurs officially upon moonrise on April 30th, lasting through the next day, May 1st, in the Northern Hemisphere.


In ancient Celtic times, our ancestors split the year into two halves – Summer and Winter. So Beltane was the official beginning of Summer. And hence the light half of the year. A definite cause for celebration in a time without running water, heat, electricity, etc.

Although Beltane is Celtic in origin, there are literally hundreds of other fire and fertility festivals celebrated around the world at this time. In England, Beltane is known as May Day. In Germany, it’s Walpurgisnacht (aka the Witches Night). Etc. Beltane is also called Cet Samhain, which means “Opposite of Samhain” (as it is directly opposite the Samhain Sabbat on the Wheel of the Year).

I hope you enjoy this cool guidebook.

May you grow and manifest with the fire of your passion!

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