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Pieces of Jayde Elemental Jewelry is the brainchild of Duneland artist Jayde McAloon. An avid nature lover, Jayde spends much of her time hiking and prowling the woods surrounding her home in the Indiana Dunes. 

Jayde incorporates many of the items she finds into her work. Primarily an electrosmith, she uses pure, recycled copper to encase the object and create a lasting piece of wearable art. Often combining the plating with wire wrapping, Jayde’s jewelry is meant to be worn as a talisman to your spirit animal, a memento of an unforgettable vacation, and an homage to the beauty of Nature.

Each Piece of Jayde is completely handcrafted and unique—she rarely repeats designs and the electroforming process is nearly impossible to replicate texture. When you wear one of her creations, you are connecting with Nature on a raw, earthy level.

Unboring Jewelry for the Unbridled Spirit!

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