About the Artist


My Pieces of Jayde journey began in 2010, when

I found an amazing stone while walking on the 

beach near my home in the Indiana Dunes.

It was so pretty, I wanted to be able to wear it as

a necklace and not stick her in a pocket. So I 

researched what it would take to have it made 

into jewelry, and was discouraged at the prices

I was quoted by various jewelers around me. 

I decided to try my hand at making something

for myself. After all, I am the daughter of a fine

artist, and watched her create beautiful things

my whole life. How hard could it be? Turns out,

it WAS hard, and I had so many fails before I 

came up with something even remotely wearable.

However, I was bitten by the Creation Bug, as it were, and I began watching videos, taking classes, reading books and making, making, making. Soon, people began to ask me to make things for them. They liked me, they really liked me! Thus, Pieces of Jayde was born. Craft fairs and eventually--when my work got better--art fairs followed. I now am at the point where I am able to teach classes on wire wrapping, where I show you what NOT to do as well as what has worked for me! 

I work from my home studio and create everything you see by my own two hands. When you purchase a piece of mine, you really are supporting an artist and her family. I left my full-time teaching job this year to pursue my art and find a better, more soul-enriching path. I hope that my joy and intention shows in my work--I truly appreciate the stones and what they can do for us, and I strive to create the best Jewelry For Nature Lovers that help connect you to the Earth.   

See Doggo under table?

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All work is copyrighted and may not be reproduced without express written consent from artist Jayde McAloon.

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